14-15-16 October 2016


250 participants

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Fasciatherapy, healing and educating for body and mind.

Fasciatherapy is an innovative treatment for pain, impaired movement and performance-related disorders of a physical and/or psychological nature. It bridges the gap between a purely physical and a purely psychological approach to complaints.

Fasciatherapy breaks new ground in the therapeutic and pedagogical field and offers efficient solutions.

This 4th congress with theme “Movement perception unravelled”, was organised by the Belgian Clinical Interest Group Fascial PhysiotherapyIt brought together about 250 experts from varied domains who study (un)conscious awareness from an anatomical, neurological, physiological and clinical viewpoint to reveal therapeutic and educational applications. World-class speakers, clinicians and academics from different universities answered countless questions from the floor about Fascia therapy, Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Norwegian Psychomotor Therapy, and more.

More information at www.fascia.be